John Hoernig's Home Page

WHAT'S THIS SITE ABOUT - This website was intended to be a catalog of my hobbies, but instead it's just a flag page so you can find me.  At tropical fish auctions and swaps I generally just use this website for contact info.

TROPICAL FISH - I currently maintain over 80 Aquariums and more than that number in species and color varieties.  My current focus is on Livebearers, Community Fish, Shrimp and Plants.  For a sampling of some of my aquariums visit my Youtube Channel - Hard Water Aquatics.

WHY HARD WATER AQUATICS?  I have a well on my property which provides my potable water. I soften the water for household use, but for the aquariums, I use the well water without any softening.  Source water for my aquariums have the following parameters: KH 12 (214ppm) and GH 17 (304ppm), TDS 500+, pH dark blue.  

SELLING OF FISH/PLANTS - Some of the fish I raise are available for sale.  I occasionally take fish/plants to local Aquarium Society Auctions and Swap Meets within a couple hundred miles of Chicago.

Fish Clubs in the Area that I would recommend (order determined by proximity to my house):

South Bend, IN - Michiana Aquarist Society

Orland Park, IL - Greenwater Aquarist Society

Chicago Killifish Association

Chicago Livebearer Association

Greater Chicago Cichlid Association

Indianapolis, IN - Circle City Aquarium Club

Kalamazoo, MI - Southwest Michigan Aquarium Society

Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee Aquarium Society

Grand Rapids, MI - Grand Valley Aquarium Club

Champaign, IL - Champaign Area Fish Exchange

Peoria, IL -Tri-County Aquarium Club

Davenport, Iowa - Quad City Fish Swap

I also make some of these fish available on with auctions running at irregular intervals. username Johnhoernig